Real life is already an RPG



CSH: Seeing your body as an avatar, or as a first person POV body in a 3-D video game, or even as a third person body, gives you more power over life.

When you play a game, you don’t think that you are the piece that you control in the game.

Games work because you can use force on physical objects and move them in space. And so these physical objects move according to your will. So your will exists as the movement of objects in the game.

But your body is also an object whose movement you can control in a game. When you move your body, you are controlling objective movement. The body is nothing but the control of objective movement. Your body is a piece in a game. And if you treat your body as a piece in a game, then you have less craving and less fear.

Juntao: And you feel more powerful.

CSH: Yes—the less craving and the less fear, the more freedom and the more power.

We can use RPGs as a model or template for how we should relate to our own bodies in life. You take everything in life that you experience, you name it, you quantify it, and you see its probability curve. What if you related to everything as if it were a probability curve? What if you acted like a game player—like a really smart game player?

Your life would be great.

What stops you?

Fear and craving. That’s it.

So you can unpack this idea fully and sell it as a book.