Effort and agreement

CSH: This is a really good metaphor. Agreement is the counterforce of mass.

Mass is a counterforce to my physical effort, while empty space is the lack of counterforce. Effort always has as its goal some change in motion. Mass resists change in motion. Resistance to change in motion is resistance to my effort, and thus counts as real. Empty space does not resist change in motion, does not resist my effort, and so lacks the reality of mass.

I think that the conceptual content of mass—as a stuff that resists change in motion and effort—has an analog in the domain of belief. This analog is agreement. Agreement serves the same function as mass in the domain of belief. So we can say that every fact has a certain solidity or mass that is proportional to the magnitude of agreement about it.

A word is an anchor. There’s a force at work that resists change in meaning. In the world of belief there is a force that keeps meaning from deviating. The deviation preventer is agreement.

And the anchor of agreement, in turn, is the feeling of pain that arises from disagreement.

All this, of course, is just a clarified reiteration of the Scientology principle that affinity, reality, and communication are all positively correlated.