Your current speed is 3,037,670 km/h

You are not sitting still, really

You are not sitting still. I wish you could feel the wind and the sense of rush that this brings. It’s sad that we only recognize (and celebrate) the glee of fast flying only when it is relative to what is closest. This disease is the basis for our intuition that the ascription navel gazing is an insult. The insult is that you take the illusions of sense, what Hegel called the most juvenile stage of Spirit, its state of naive sense-certainty, as real. We are saved by logic—by understanding, which combines sensations into a consistency and law, so much so that we can then judge our own perceptions as illusory.

It is true that you are not moving relative to the box you in, right where you are sitting now. But the box is moving.

The Earth is spinning, orbiting, flying with the sun, flying with the Milky Way, and flying with underlying expanding space. Here’s the details.

Advice to users: You must fail to keep in mind that you really are moving as fast as the numbers say. You cannot accept it. Taking the box (or elevator) as stationary is the most intractable bogus trance, a serious blindness. See how long you can keep the fleeting feeling when you get it. It fades very quickly.

Weird fun fact: This correlation between a well-cognizing epistemic subject and the trance of motionlessness is used in the standard Sunday Services in the Church of Scientology. The drill: cognize the corners in the room—the six vertices. Just … be aware of them. This act makes you aware, by having you schematize it intentionally, the boundary-making act of perception-in-a-room. You restrain space-making to the volume that is transparent immediately around you.

The actual data

Speed of rotation: 1670 km/h

Speed of Earth orbit: 108,000 km/h

Speed of Sun orbit (around galactic center): 828,000 km/h

Note: We are 25,000 light-years from galactic center, about halfway between it and the Milky Way’s edge. At our distance and speed, it takes the Sol system 230,000,000 years to make a lap.

Speed of our galaxy (WRT to all others): 2,100,000 km/h

Speed of spatial expansion: about 70 km/s/Mpc (i.e., there is no fixed center, only a flying-apart of everything at a speed proportional to the objects’ distance.)

Note: Your total speed relative to the Sun (relative to galactic center (relative to all other galaxies)) is 3,037,670 km/h plus the speed of space itself, which is greater than the speed of light relative to some distance places in our universe, which is 93,000,000,000 light years across.

Your total speed
Your total speed is 3,037,670 km/h plus the speed of space itself, which, relative to far distances, is greater than the speed of light.