Where is the mole museum?

There should be a museum that displays mole heaps of each element, in order. Special arrangements will have to be made for those that are gasses at STP. Then children will be driving stick shift, so to speak. Seeing a mole of a pure chemical element gives us direct access to the atomic mass of our material brethren, since the two masses—molar and atomic—are related by a constant multiplier.

Update. It already exists. Online anyway. Here:

Each plate contains 6.022 x 10<span class=

Each plate contains 6.022 x 1023 atoms, i.e., 1 mole of atoms. From left to right, top then bottom: 65.4 g zinc, 12.0 g carbon, 24.3 g magnesium, 63.5 g copper, 32.1 g sulfur, 28.1 g silicon, 207 g lead, and 118.7 g tin.