POST Background Option Explorer

Run the Keys•BKG stamp to see the key attributes for background options. Now look at the background options for the parent of this note, the category note [Sample Category].

You will see that two have been set:

  • $blogBkgTexture is BodyTexture_TB128.png

The default $blogBkgOpt for cat-notes is BKG-TEXTURE;CARD. As a result, cat-notes normally show the default texture and the teasers are floating cards. But I have added BKG-COLOR to [Sample Category]. As a result, [Sample Category] also shows a background color. Normally, this would be the background color set in the Styles Dash. But I have overridden this by setting the note’s $blogBkgColor to a powder blue (#adf).

Q: What will happen if you remove the value of $blogBkgColor of [Sample Category]?

I have set the $blogBkgOpt of this note to BKG-TEXTURE;CARD. I have also added an override—$blogBkgColor has been set to a light yellow-green (#efc). As a result, the background of this page will be a lemon-lime diamond plate.

Q: What will happen if you add BKG-BEQUEATH to this note’s parent?

Play around by adding and subtracting triggers.

Play around by adding and changing overrides.