POST Background Option Explorer

Run the Keys•BKG stamp to access this note’s background options. Look at them.

Now click on this note’s parent, the cat-note [Sample Category], and looks at its background options. You will see that its $blogBkgOpt has been set to:


The default $blogBkgOpt for cat-notes is merely:

You can also navigate to any notes whose background information you want to see in the Backgrounds Control Panel of the Export Window. This is especially useful if you want to view multiple notes together.

So this background of the cat-note [Sample Category] will be slightly different from normal. Normally, cat-notes show (1) the default texture (BodyTexture.png) on a plain white background, and (2) the teasers as floating cards.

But [Sample Category] also includes BKG-COLOR, so the texture for my parent will also show a background color. But wait—I have also set the cat-note’s $blogBkgColor to something unusual—an ugly green (#080). This explains why you see what you see.

Q: What will happen if you remove the value of $blogBkgColor of [Sample Category]? Guess, and then do it.

I have set the $blogBkgOpt of this note to BKG-TEXTURE;CARD. I have also added an override—$blogBkgColor has been set to a light yellow-green (#efc). As a result, the background of this page will be a lemon-lime diamond plate.

Q: What will happen if you add BKG-BEQUEATH to this note’s parent? Guess, and then find out.

Play around by adding and subtracting triggers.

Play around by adding and changing overrides.