Time passing is face scraping

The secret for me is to feel the consciousness in my face. My face—the place of vision, hearing, and facial sensation—really appears as a meeting place between two universes. There’s consciousness on one side of the face, and then there’s this world on the other side of the face. Face-as-consciousness is scraped by face-as-world.

All that I need to do to bring this trip back to life is to feel the passing of time as a scraping on my face. That’s the best way to put what I was trying to say.

You can, if you choose, identify consciousness with something being scraped—that is, with something being perturbed. Sensation is perturbation. Something is happening—there’s excitation, there’s stimulation, there’s influence. To the extent that you’re affect-able, you feel like you’re on one side of a face.

All I wanted to say was: if you let yourself feel time as the scraping of your face, you’ll be liberated. (And by face I mean all five senses as consciousness.)