The glee of the evil good

Evangelicals are sociopathic, racist, and homophobic. They work hard to spread their gospel of hate and to channel it politically in hopes of realizing it institutionally. They feel great joy in hurting sinners, which they do directly or by passing sadistic legislation. ISIS members burning Jordanian pilots are really no different from Evangelicals lynching blacks and incarcerating sodomites.

I suppose the opposite of a fundamentalist would be a skeptic. Fundamentalists are happy and productive, but stupid; skeptics, depressed and lethargic, but smart. I guess I’d rather be happy and stupid and get things done. Other bonuses:

  •  Believing in a creator makes everything important. A created world is an enchanted one since essences precede existence. God has a plan for all things. Fundamentalists thus have a higher level of concernment.
  •  Believing that everything is God-authored makes the world inherently interesting and worth understanding. Fundamentalists thus have a higher level of engagement.
  •  Believing that there is a perfect judge evaluating everything all the time, fundamentalists are conscientious about their decisions.
  • Believing that your activity is approved or desired by God is encouraging and energizing. Fundamentalists who believe they are doing God’s will thus tend to be more industrious.
  • Knowing that you are an object of another subject reduces daydreaming and increases obedience to worthy imperatives. Believing that God is always watching them gives fundamentalists improved focus and attention.

Secretly admiring American fundamentalists is like secretly admiring the Nazis. You know they are evil, but you can’t help admiring their dedication, work ethic, and perpetual marketing.