The Crowley recipe

Aleister Crowley

4 units mystical perspicacity

3 units Cambridge liberal arts education

2 units hyper-religious parents

3 units sadistic mom

Blend in the spirit of delicious naughtiness that loves to shock angry mommy. Mix in a large Camusian dandyism and then bifurcate into rebellious dandyism and indulgence. Sift through Blavatskian freemasonic self-help and superb writing style.

The result: the most accomplished self-deifying magus in modernity.

Actually, his metaphysics is acceptable:

Buddhist ontology

Except that the infinite suchness is taken as properly (rather than, in Buddhism, pathologically, due to ignorance) fecund. The Urgrund is Chaos, the All Father, and his child is the cosmos, i.e., the interpenetrating history of an out-looking consciousness in the middle of infinite space.

The Urgrund is a boiling cauldron, and its first emergent is dual. It’s deepest and first bifurcation is into subject (the inward infinitesimal that is both agent and particular point-of-view) and object (the circumference of the cosmos).

  1. Indulgence in biological compulsion: You have emerged as a hedonic unit. The pleasure of life is pleasure. Indulge this, the one intrinsic good arising from your embodiment.
  2. Narcissism: The will to power seeps into the social as the drive for admiration. The highest admiration, as Nietzsche said, and which is the end point and highest level of the selfishness built into organismic survival, is to be God. Yahveh is confessedly all about narcissism, which makes the link even stronger. (Note also that the real upshot of LRH’s Eight Dynamics is not self-as-god in the Advaita