Stupid religious writing (Spiritual Intelligence, by Gerald Epstein)

I hate articles like this. It just provides supporting evidence for an arbitrary collection of desired ends. The goal: take a traditional and canonical system (the Ten Commandments) and show how it is really right by restating it the jargon of contemporary (folk) psychology, common sense ethics, and the few concepts Westerners have absorbed from Indian mysticism

However, there is a precipitation theory here and I love precipitation theories. Such as the kabbalistic Emanation theory, the kabbalistic Four Worlds theory, the Neoplatonic emanation theory, and the Shiva-Shakti emanation theory (from Kashmir Shaivism).

Leary’s Eight Circuits is a precipitation theory—in reverse. The non-local quantum foam just is the coercive Urgrund-field that sustains, constrains, and animates atom-complexes whose vast negentropic coordination seems to infer the existence of an underlying system-wide intelligence and telos. System-wide means part A releases chemical B that travels to area C which then releases something that causes a cascade of events that travels back and helps A in just the way it needs. This kind of communicative and care-taking complexity—functional communication across vast distances by specialized organs—is the strongest argument that intentional designers have.

Anyway, there are biological meanings. Some part of experience is an artifact of the subjectivity-machine—the Jungian and Kantian a priori. The Jungian a priori is circuit seven (C7); the Kantian, circuit three (C3).