Krishna’s rasa-lila: optimal cosmogony

Here is another great cosmogony. The universe is, at bottom, boundless joy, and a person, but this person has obscured this fact for the sake of love-games:

The major philosophical point Vitthalanatha makes is that Krishna is making love with the Gopis in order to give them, from within Himself, the Joy (ananda) which all souls, according to Vallabha’s teaching, lost primordially, and which is the be-all and end-all that every person spends life searching to regain. The special privilege that gave to the Gopis, and to no one else at all, was that He filled them immediately with His own Joy. Thus the Gopis did not have to take the normal religious means necessary for aIl other persons in order to reawaken the Joy which was once in themselves but had been lost due to the operation of Krishna’s Power of Ignorance (Skt. avidyasakti) on all souls.

James Redington, Vallabhacharya on the Love Games of Krsna