Eve and Matt: Taoist Bowling II

CSH: Every moment of enlightened consciousness is a moment of spiritual-vaginal experience. In moments of ordinary consciousness, your will is constantly ejaculating images into your imagination. It’s called daydreaming and it happens even when you are not officially daydreaming. You’re constantly throwing stuff out. Ordinary consciousness or experience is autogenetic, or self-stimulatory.

So when you are, say, reading, you have to stop the daydreaming. You must say to yourself, “Attention!” And you begin forcing someone else’s symbols into your experience. You hammer into yourself someone else’s meaning. “Yes, Master!” Reading is a kind of self-subjugation.

These considerations on reading reminded me of a religious bowling technique where you get stoned and go bowling with a certain agenda. You go bowling while saying to yourself,

I do not make the strike. I only give birth to the already-existing strike, which is a vector that exists independently of me.

So what you do is you midwife the bowling ball onto a vector that is already there, that in fact pre-existed your birth.

Bowling is high-speed curling.

You are, with all your thousand resources and adjustments, midwifing that ball onto that vector. You are honoring the law of what is already there, and you are delivering the ball by submitting to law.

Spiritually, you must become a vagina. And when you perform the act of Taoist Bowling, you are letting the vector of the strike penetrate you from behind. Borrowing the language of the kundalini system, the vector comes up the ass and out the face. Your job is only to “curl” the bowling ball onto this ass–face vector and deliver a strike.

Matt: Are you talking about sex or bowling?

Eve: Bowling! The bowling lane is the birth canal!