Trump and so-called “populism”

Hillary is a good socially liberal Republican. She is squarely on the side of international capital. She’s just as racist as Trump, but she refrains from expressing it with South Park transparency.

Hillary is the candidate for the Democratic Party, which is supposed to side with labor over capital. But the Democratic Party is really a pseudo-Democratic Party, and Hillary is a pseudo-Democrat even within that pseudotry. Bernie, in contrast, deployed real Democratic Party rhetoric, was an actual Democrat—maybe the first in US history—and would have beaten Trump by a much larger margin than Hillary did. Unfortunately, Bernie is an actual Democrat in a pseudo-Democratic Party and, as we now know, the DNC worked for Hillary and against Bernie.

The Republican Party has won on two fronts. First, it discovered how to get racist white workers to vote against their own economic best interests. Second, it successfully branded trickle-down economics, big military welfare, and business welfare as “patriotic.” That is—helping America means helping the top 1%, not the majority of Americans.

When propaganda is successful, the whole culture shifts—that is, the bell curve moves. By making trickle-down and military welfare look patriotic, the Republicans forced the Democrats to rewrite its very mission statement. “Socialism” became a dirty, un-American word, so Democrats stopped using it, and Democats started talking “tough” about foreign policy and started castigating the American poor.

By the way, social conservatism in the US is dead. Rednecks and blacks both understand the importance and goodness of abortion. The real issue has been economic all along. Once again, Republicans got poor whites to vote against themselves by making this pseudo-issue something vital. No one cares about nocturnal ejaculation or menstruum.

The most amazing thing about this election was that Trump had the smarts to talk more like a socialist than Hillary. Trump would be America First (i.e., anti-free trade) and Hillary wouldn’t. That was the most shocking reversal in the history of American politics.

I just wish there had been an actual Democrat in the debate. How great would Trump vs Sanders have been?

As or their actual (private) inclinations, Trump and Hillary are identical. Trump is no more racist than Hillary. And he is certainly not anti-choice. (There are no rich or educated Americans who are really against abortion. None.) But he has to talk like a racist redneck because poor Republicans are racist rednecks and there’s no way he could have won the Democratic Party candidacy where intelligence and (the appearance of) compassion are important. His whole self-presentation is contrived. He believes in none of his policy positions except for the tax cuts for the rich. He certainly does not want to stem immigration. Even the media recognized that that was a prank, and nodded, and only printed a few articles about it. Nothing is a better for capital than ultra-cheap immigrant labor.

His candidacy is an amazing and hilarious prank. And the fact that he got this far shows how incredibly stupid Americans are. The dumbest of all first-world nations by far.

If we (workers) can’t beat capital (owner), at least we can lynch (or deport) some minorities.

How long will these pseudo issues like religion, gun rights, and immigrant hatred keep workers from improving their material happiness? Maybe forever.

In the end, Trump will be remembered as the South Park (or Windex) of the Republican Party. He made the Republican pseudo-issues crystal clear all the while using socialist and America First rhetoric (except for taxes). Trump was our first fully postmodern candidate. His whole Candidate Trump character was bullshit and admitted it and we still loved him for it.