The truth about Social Conservatism

Republicans have managed to create an impossible group: workers that fight against themselves. Workers that vote to empower capital and weaken themselves. Higher takes on the poor. Expensive health care. Lower wages. Fewer worker benefits. Less job safety. Less job security (unions are communist and against the flag). Longer prison sentences. (Rednecks get arrested more than any other subset of whites, for crimes of passion, fighting (assault), prostitution, teen sex (child molestation), gay sex, interracial rape, and drunk driving.) In no regard to white workers benefit when a Republican wins.

Yet they vote for them. Why? Emotion and imagery. And lots of stupid stuff. Abortion? Nobody likes the idea, but everyone wants the option … for themselves. Rich people are rich because they are good managers. If the daughter of a rich family gets pregnant before the optimal, there’s no way her parents are going to let her have the baby. Much less are they going to force her to keep it. Nor will they risk her going alone to a cheap abortionist. They will get an abortion, and it will be from the best. Rednecks, too, like the ability to get an abortion. Blacks, too. Hispanics, too.

Who are the anti-abortion people? People who want a reason to revile others as evil. That’s all. The anti-gays? Same. Again, everyone likes sex, it’s just other people’s sex that pisses us off. They less they have it, the better we feel. Resentment. The anti-intellectuals? Same. But gay, abortion-happy, educated, coke-snorting ruling elites say they hate blacks, hispanics, gays, abortion, drugs, and education—and promise to punish those groups.

Other-punishment, it turns out, is a turn-on for humans. See this special collection:

Hurting others

Now here’s a table outlining the differences between Democratic politicians, Republican politicians, and angry white workers (AWW):

Table of Social Conservatism
ThingDemoRepub DoRepub SayAWW
Hurt AbortionNNYY/N
Hurt MinoritiesN-YY
Hurt GaysNNYY
Hate EducationNNYY
Hate DrugsNNYY/N(1)
Rich Tax breaksNYYY(2)
Health CareYNNY(3)
Long PrisonNYYY(4)
Stop Teen SexYNYY/N(5)

Here are some qualifications:

  1. AWWs hate the drugs of other people, but are fond of meth, alcohol, pot, and coke on the (very) rare occasions they can afford it. So, like their programmers, they say they hate drugs while privately enjoying them.
  2. This is a hard one. AWWs know that tax breaks for the rich do not trickle down in any way—as more jobs, higher wages, or better benefits. But you can say “socialism” or “communism” or “liberal” here and they’ll go along with a direct hit to their pocket books.
  3. Free healthcare, or decent health insurance, is a good idea, unless the person promising it is black or Democratic. In those cases, it is bad because lazy blacks will receive it, and other-happiness hurts.
  4. Nothing feels better than hurting others (see above). But rednecks often get arrested. Still, the thought of blacks serving long sentences is enough to get them to vote for increased prison time. Losing a father or mother forever is worth taking down 8–12 blacks.
  5. America worships girls gone wild, except when its real and you’re not the one in on it. Punish those lovers!