The Day Before (Trump)

The day before Trump I took the following screenshot:

Trump has no chance, says official national sentience.

Trump has no chance, says official national sentience.

Then this happened. The most shocking moment in my election memory:

Trump has no chance, says official national sentience.

Trump has no chance, says official national sentience.

It was the moment when Florida showed Trump leading with 60% reporting.

Trump had won. The buffoon, the one transparent buffoon, won. Not a buffoon that could emulate normalcy and wear a suit (like Dubya). Dubya was already a miracle farce—a monstrously ignorant puppet and ass-sucking do-nothing Yes-man. That someone stupider could be elected after that nightmare of spineless no-progress warmongering and demon inventing was unthinkable. “Never again! We’ll never vote for a lawful evil war criminal and total dumbass again. Never again!” We just had our Stupidest President in History moment (indeed, he was also the Stupidest Candidate in History).

Now comes a buffoon that knows less about basic things than any other kid in the neighborhood. Now comes an ape that cannot even wear a suit. Now comes the guy the reliably funny-because-ludicrous candidate, the impossowin. Or he might win in a farcical comic strip. Stupider and fouler than anyone you could find with a team of character finders.

Yet all he had to do to win was hint that he hated blacks and Mexicans. All he had to say was that non-whites are the cause of rural white poverty.

Your jobs and wealth are being given to darkies because of those nigger-loving and pro-gay liberals. Liberals are more about darkies than about you! The only whites they like are their abortion-loving liberal co-elites!

Attention dumb white people: capital hires cheap labor. That’s one of its essences. If capital does not make profit it is not capital.

The guys running the show are not going to reveal the scam.

The reason you guys don’t have money is because you’re the value-added that lets me live off of you.

Power cannot survive speaking truth. How can people not know this? How can workers believe owners when the former surely know that the latter are happy to deceive them? Do poor whites really believe what rich whites tell them? Of course not! Yet they do when the rich whites insult and blame minorities and imply that they should be the least privileged. It is the weird, not the whites, who should be the underclass. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners, Indians, sex-enjoyers (aborters), homosexuals, and (especially) trannies should be at the bottom. These are the ones who should be at bottom, never whites. The weird used to be at the bottom. What happened?

Poor white guy: (Here comes a rich white bastard. Happy and with a pretty girl. Fuck!)

Rich white guy: Hello. I hate blacks.

Poor white guy: Welcome brother!

How to win poor white friends and influence them

Attention dumb white people: Do you expect your exploiters to confess to being the source of your poverty? Of course the guy who just stole your wallet will point to someone else and tell you to hurry and catch him.

It’s not us! It’s the darkies!

Insular whites already hate non-whites for primal-cultural reasons. Rural isolated whites feel that non-whites are already unpleasant, just by existing! THEY smell strange, look strange, feel strange, eat strange food, and (worst of all) speak strange. People that speak an unknown tongue are a threat because they can conspire against you or insult you to your face. THEY might also have different gods, which reminds believers from other cults that their own gods are also local-cultural. This is an especially unpleasant thought inside jealous god cults and acceptance-based religions (i.e., ones where family membership depends on rejecting other mythoi.)

We already don’t like the darkies. They just sit around and get free shit. How can rich friendly people (aka liberals) treat them nice but treat us like crap! How can rich whites turn against their own kin, and even make fun of us? We hate having low cultural status. Since the ruling class will never let us in, can’t they at least make some other group suffer. At least give us ONE group that is lower than us!

And so Republicans (and Southern Democrats) market the paltry benefits and social security enjoyed by minorities as a (the) significant cause of rural white poverty.

Trump won because he said this:

The mud races are soaking up what should be ours! I’m glad our cops shoot them for sport—aren’t you? Muslims are darkies with strange gods and they blew up our big show-off monuments. If you vote for me, I’ll support the shooting of darkies here at home and the bombing of them abroad! I know how to make you-all feel better. The darkies are taking your privilege and status and money! Let’s make some darkies suffer!

The least likely person to win the presidency in history won. Anyone should have a better chance than Crusty the Clown.

Crusty the Clown won because we forgot the power of hate. As Rick Roderick used to say: Anyone who doesn’t understand the popularity of boxing will never understand American politics. Don’t forget hate! Hate is more powerful than love, and poor rural white workers hate the wealthy. They only thing they hate more are wealthy darkies. Trump used his race as a selling point. He looked the most white because he spoke the most hate.

The happiness of identity group X is inverse proportional to the happiness of identity group not-X. The happiness of Our People is proportional to the suffering of Them Ones.

Articles on the power of hate:

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