The Breitbart hijacking of “elite” and the age of faith magick emoji politics

Two separate topics together in one barely coherent rant

The craziness of Breitbart and the Hoover “Institute.” These are lowbrows and misanthropes. Easy to penetrate. Their motivations is sociopathic. The very idea of protecting oppressed minorities is repulsive to them. Their empathic handicap is an axiom that they never mention. They hover near it, but never name it outright. Their method is to create outrage through intentional mis-wording.

They mention facts of nature and then act astonished that anyone would believe them.

And there’s an Orwellian reversal that needs more attention. It’s the highjacking by the elite of the word elite, which they now apply to anyone educated who criticizes the elite. Amazing! And people are using it that way now.

In the video comments, and incredible dumbass says this:

Cultural Marxism is an international conspiracy whereby the communist elite uses the cultural institutions to brainwash the public against Christianity, nationalism, and conservative western values so that people become stupid, immoral, primitive, and thus easy to manipulate into a Marxist revolution.

And he got 217 likes.

Communist elite? Is that like infinite zero? Or shared imprisonment?

It’s more Law of Attraction crap, really. In fact, I’d say that Trump is the Law of Attraction president. People who believe that sales and marketing confidence talk has, by itself, real-world potency.

Trump is therefore also the first placebo president. He is the general revival in placebo-acceptance made political. We choose the known con-man because we accept that saying on television means reality. Saying X on TV means X has happened. The con man who acts like he can speak things into reality, speaks our confidence into reality, and thus proves his power in a live lesson.

And he’s known con man. And worse, he’s a known anti-labor, anti-worker, pro international competition and an owner of international capitol. You couldn’t find anyone further from worker interest than Donald “Golden Con Man” Trump. All these workers voted for Mr. Moneybags because (1) they have no sense of history, things their own grandparents really fought hard for, including police gun battles, and (2) because they hate blacks, and Trump simply agreed with them. That sympathy with their hatred had more emotional pleasure than actually improved wages under Hillary because Hillary admitted that she, a capitalist, likes company stock to go up, by using cheap ununionized slave-like Chinese labor.

Trump, the heavier anti-labor person, beat Hillary, the less anti-labor person, by merely saying he was anti-labor—and by hating on her, blacks, and Moslems. And also Mexicans, the job takers. Blacks are just ultra violent and super-annoying. Unless they are Affirmative Actions winners, then they are also job takers.

Anyway, Trump just voicing this was enough to excite people. Hillary wasn't emotion-triggering enough. That was the marketing strategy difference. Which won the election. That’s how substantial our choosing is these days. Sounding good is more decisive than future reality.

That’s the Law of Attraction thing—I’m telling you. Having the imaginary in the present is as good as really having if you believe.

Belief is the enemy.

Premature belief and positive thinking are poisonous.