Prediction: Trump will be a Hitler in the far future

In the future we will look back on Trump as a watershed when America finally had its own real Hitler moment.

Hitler is a hard term of comparison—rarified and purified and unique. But, in his day, Hitler was not the God or ArchDevil that he is today. He was an embarrassing fucktard like Trump. Everyone who was semi intelligent rolled his eyes when he spoke. He was a human tabloid.

Trump will be remembered for this: Just at Hitler helped freedom and human rights by galvanizing democracy and the Never Again movements, so too Trump will be looked back on as the Dunce who ended the embarrassing bullshit days of anti-intellectualism and American spectatorship and turned us into something like an almost functioning semi-democracy.

But what will be most incredible to witness. Fat in the future, there will also be those astonishingly ignorant romantics who will look back on Trump as a Hitler-like god. That’s what strikes me most—Trump will be a Hitler God to various clans of disaffected rednecks in the far future. Just a little bit of organized hate is all you need to win the fervor of simplicity-loving rednecks. As if killing off all immigrants and blacks would make a difference in their quality of life. Capital would just pit them against each other. There would be Ford vs Chevy wars instead. Sad.