A new Vision of Sorrow

Here’s the thing. The more you understand, the more you see the world as a multiplicity of parallel but barely interlocking concerns AND isolated subjective worlds that adopt these concerns.


Concerns are social universals—sharable kinds of meaning- and value-making. A concern is a way of tying your feeling (of pleasure and pain) to things entirely outside your control. A concern is a shareable kind of clinging.

Concerns are configurations of subjectivity—settings on our palettes of perception, meaning, reaction. And also settings on our oughts, which determine how we freely inflect our samskaric volition as appetition. So there is a swarm of conflicting meanings, which are sharable kinds of subjectivity.


Concerns cluster into roles. A role is a cluster of concerns that is sufficient for determining a subject. When a subject “puts on” or identifies with a role, the subject animates those concerns and brings them to life and makes them active forces in the social reality-production system. A cause that no one identifies with is simply not present.

Roles are always already in conflict because, for one thing, the whole of social engineering is an attempt to ameliorate the fundamental class antagonism.


A subject is a private realm of feeling and desire. It operates according to the concerns that make up its adopted role. But it is also a detached and rational witness with a compulsion for prediction inside language. Concerns operate not only as feelings and samskaras, but also as meanings that must be shared in order to signify correctly (cf. Wittgenstein on private language). So feeling and desire are private, but concerns are public.

Isolated subjects can share identical concerns because all subjects share the same equipment.

The world is thick, rope-like world-line consisting of millions of parallel concerns, roles, and private agents. A multiplicity of concerns, a multiplicity of roles, AND a multiplicity of mutually ignorant windowless monads. Worst of all, these concerns, roles, and subjects are semi-autonomous. No wonder the world is a chaos of competing sadisms.

This is the century of justifiable torture—neo-torture. We’ve known what we ought to be doing since the Enlightenment. Still, 217 years later, we are losing ourselves in Newspeak just to have team to join. Atomism and meaningless labor makes culture ripe for devotion to idiotic, but sincere, cults. We know that torture is wrong. We know that meaning is invented. Yet we say that torture is good and that meaning is given. We are willfully going backwards. And for the Trump party this nostalgia for pre-Enlightenment ignorance is a virtue.

Yet we play along. Better slavery under Trump’s fact-free fascism than slavery under idiotic Islam. But neither fight is appealing. Even the pretend American Nazis don’t really like Trump. They know he is the very essence of the elite that despises them. White workers and Trump have ZERO interests in common. They only thing they like is his promise to hurt non-whites.

The only fight really worth fighting is the good one that would do the most good for the most number. Bernie represented the democratic wing of the Democrats, and he would have beat Trump. Trump beat Clinton because he pretended to be a social democrat. People want a fair and rational economy. The only thing keeping the republicans in power now is their astute manufacture of race-based explanations for poverty. Sadly, this is an effective strategy because resentment is a hugely important motivator. People would rather have others feel more pain than the self feel less. See the depressing links here.