America: Where the capitalists are spoiled, and the workers are morons

It is true that Hillary is a quasi-Republican and on the Pharaoh’s Payroh, but how the hell does this make Trump pro-labor? So, so stupid. This is the scam of our two party system—if it’s Hitler vs Cthulhu, we’re getting Hitler as president.

Apparently, Caucasoid Americans would rather be homeless and without healthcare then “know” that blacks might be saving money on food and medicine. And a policy made by a white guy wearing a NASCAR cap is ipso facto better than one made by a black guy. People will be happy to suffer an additional N units if they know their neighbors will suffer an additional N+1. Sad.

Actually, as FDR and LBJ knew, it’s good for capitalists when people are healthy and can buy the crap they’re trying to sell. The little bit that “owners” save on taxes by fucking people out of health and shelter will come back to haunt them 10-fold when they discover that workers don’t have enough money to complete a commodity’s life-cycle.

The new healthcare bill helps negative 22,000,000 people. Yet Caucasoid Americans want it passed because Trump wants it passed, which makes it a symbolic defeat of blacks and “the elite,” which now means rich non-racists. If you’re rich and racist, well, then you’re a patriot. How did race and “social issues” come to eclipse class and economics? The miracle of marketing!