Rick Roderick: fearless perception

Rick Roderick was the light, guide, and joy of my life for 20 years.

I just realized something. I now know the secret of his power. The reason Rick was so smart is that he was so fearless about human self-twisting. Human lives are run and ruined by passion. Rick accepted the torrent of passions, even perverse and cruel passions, and this made his vision deep and wide.

The more you feel, the more you see.

Great philosophers are like great writers of fiction. They are familiar with a wide array of subtle things because their tolerance for suffering, and their great effort at articulation, allows them get close to things.

Knowing is loving, after all. To know something is to take it apart materially and recombine it imaginarily. Pain is the substance of human clinging. The world is a mess because people feel too deeply and react to quickly.

We were only designed to live to 20—to fuck like rabbits by age 12 and then fight enemies, or the local alpha, and then die. The nature of health is evil—surplus energy questing for more survivability. The angry, rebellious, horny teenager is the flower of all our evolutionary prehistory: evil health at its peak.

These days we live past age 20. But the lust for life never goes away fully, which is why old people are bitter. The body remembers the inner overflow of the child.

There is a lot of passion (clinging) brewing inside everyone. Do we give it space? Do we see it as the natural machinations of the primate design?

Being comfortable with human passion is what made Rick Roderick great. To know deeply you have to love ugly.