Childhood peak experiences

Nothing compares to childhood peak experiences. There are certain magickal self-making moments in the past, in childhood, when you were overwhelmed by an explosive mixture of joy, being-lost-in-experience, and sudden realization that “you” were the lucky enjoyer at the center of all this wonder.

This world has been given to me? I am the one for whom this world exists?

Then there are peak experiences in adolescence when you were maximally cheerful and optimistic, and alongside this you had a strong awareness of yourself as experiencer and meaning-maker:

I really love what I am doing right now and I am aware that this interpretation is up to me.

Biographical layer

Table: Boyhood Gods
ProducedGodformPower bestowedMagickal talisman
1964G. I. Joe: Deep Sea DiverBreathes underwater. Walks around underwater, on the bottom of the pool. Has sex with his octopus pal.The octopus. The helmet. His facial scar.
1972Big Jim Sky CommanderHas sex with people. Is wanted by Playboy models. Can survive alone outdoors. Is big, strong, and manly.His muscular, naked torso. His collapsable shelf bed. The “Big” in his name.
1972Evel KnievelBecomes The Mummy when wrapped in wet toiletpaper and dried. Jumping the shit out of things.His body wrapped in toiletpaper.
1973World’s Greatest Super HeroesPower to fly. Super strong.Hollow, thin-walled rubber heads collapse easily.
1973Aquaman Safety SegmentTeaching. Compassion. Telepathic animal control. Exceptional swimming and diving ability. Underwater breathing.G. I. Joe deep diving suit. G. I. Joe octopus. Swimming pool, magnifying glass, glaring sunlight, aluminum foil.
1976Dick Smith Monster Makeup KitRegan (spinning head). Regan (vomiting).Flex Flesh smell. Blood bottle shape. Scar mold tray.