The final solution to all your problems

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Get-It-Done Tech

Approach your project the way Deleuze would. Marvel at the project from a distance. Appreciate it like a handyman fondly treats familiar problems.

Everything in the universe right now falls down into two categories:

  1. all sense consciousnesses, inner and outer
  2. all impulses, automatic and intentional.

The passive self feels corporeal sensations. You are afferent neurons. You are a system of fluctuating electric fields. You are that fleshy quivering swarm of nano-butterflies in your neck and chest and neck and neck and throat. So much buzzing, chunky pain.

The idea of tackling your projects amplifies all pain.

You already know how to solve all your problems.

Get-It-Done Tech (long version)

Footnotes and Appendix


  1. Empowerment seminars are not actions that are on your to-do list.
  2. Reflecting on your fantasies of being great and happy is not doing actions that are on your to do list.
  3. Enrolling others in your having gotten is not doing actions that are on your to do list (and in facts hinders their completion).
  4. Feeling fear and frowning in public is a big angry pout and makes everyone around into Mommies!


Nothing hurts more than this one:


There’s nothing I hate more than the armies conjured by intending this:


Oh, by the way. The God who loves me most and whom I hate the most? His name is:


Get-it-done Tech (recap)

Confess, love, act, begin

Get-it-done Tech

  1. Confess your ugliness. Specifically, feel you emotion in your face. This will bring your real state closer to awareness. No airbrushing to yourself in imagination. Feel the ugly with naked honesty.
  2. Love your porcupine. The reason the problem has snowballed is because taking action hurts. Well, hold my hand and feel the hurt as you begin shoveling a year’s worth of accumulated sewage into the sun.
  3. Take action now. Do the actions on your to-do list.
  4. Begin. Which means you stop reading this and love your porcupine right now.