The balm of Advaita Vedanta

And Nuit is Brahman as lover, as All-This-Here-Now

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The whole thing really is right now.

You hate the now? Useless!

No. The soulmate you seek is already all of this and everything here right now. Proof: Take morphine and the Beloved will present herself to you without mediation. A possibility once is a necessity forever. That quality cannot be unless it is—is in the infrastructure whose percolations are possibility.

Every actuality is a manifest capacity already present in you.

Realize and feel that you are just what you will, desire, and other-ascribe. We hereby side with Shankara over Madhva. (However, once the feeling goes, you should pull a Madhya and relate to is as a Personal Beloved again—as Krishna or as Nuit.)

Right now, you put out meaning. The quality of what you feel yourself entitled to hope for is determined just by how you will, desire, cling, and intend—in relation to all otherness (including your self-model).

How you treat otherness generally is how you expect to be treated, and determines how happy you can hope to be.

How you intend is how the world is.

Ein od milvado. There is none other than Nature.

All is Brahman Tech

Melt into an attitude of all-inclusive affirmation right now. That is, practice Vipassana, which will let you see that all acts of negation are really negating reactions, secretions that induce self-hardening and self-constricting. Take being-as-such as a lover and, then, melt.