Tetra Tech

Feel as good as you possibly can right now.

And do it for every now.

The true nature of self is joy and compassion.

This is revealed when you are equanimous towards your sensations.

What is the subject like then? The subject is just what is responsible for the meaning and value of this here now. The subject is the world it constructs.

If you attack sensations, they arise as attackers. As Goenka says, “Nature punishes you right then and there.” When you attack you make sensation painful.

Feel as good as possible

This is a four-stage process:

  1. Practice Vipassana on sensations.
  2. Practice Vipassana on story-tellings.
  3. Practice Tar Tech on images (this absurd image will prevents the spawning of new stories).
  4. Express your victory as gratitude.

Use CBT for concepts, Vipassana for sensations, Tar Tech for images, and Gratitude Tech for attitude.