Rumination makes sadness the longest-lasting emotion

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New super Vipassana:

Go beyond pure (bracketed) sensation handling. Go ahead and confront the story that is behind the ongoing unpleasant secretion, turning the handle of the secretion, squeezing its toothpaste tube.

Be with the sad story and fully feel the sadness. Do not say,

This is just a story.

Better to say,

This is the story tied to this feeling here/now. This feeling here/now, this overwhelming that prompts all these cognitive disciplines and distinguish-fests, this is tied to a story-telling and a story-telling sustains this feeling.

Practice Vipassana on sensations and on your automatic story-telling. Notice it and be equanimous.

Vipassana-Landmark Tech

Practice Vipassana on all body sensations and on all story-beginnings as they arise. Feelings and imagination-sequences both are to be treated with equanimity.