Ritual magick explained

Look at the Goetia on p. 55:


The other magical requisites are: a sceptre, a sword, a mitre, a cap, a long white robe of linen, and other garments for the purpose; 1 also a girdle of lion’s skin three inches broad, with all the names written about it which he round the outmost part of the Magical Circle. Also perfumes, and a chafing-dish of charcoal kindled to put the fumes on, to smoke or perfume the place appointed for action; also anointing oil to anoint thy temples and thine eyes with; and fair water to wash thyself in. And in so doing, thou shalt say as David said:


“Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, O Lord! and I shall be clean: Thou shalt wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

And at the putting on of thy garments thou shalt say: THE ADORATION AT THE INDUING OF THE VESTMENTS.

“By the figurative mystery of these holy vestures (or of this holy vestment) I will clothe me with the armour of salvation in the strength of the Most High, ANCHOR; AMACOR; AMIDES; THEODINIAS; ANITOR; that my desired end may be effected through Thy strength, O ADONAI! unto Whom the praise and glory will for ever and ever belong! Amen!”

After thou hast so done, make prayers unto God according unto thy work, as Solomon hath commanded.

The Lesser Key of Solomon

How quaint. You do all these pain-in-the-ass things. Lion skin? And with all those names written on it. It’s going to be a month before you get started.

Yes. Good! That’s the labor that makes them valuable. When you toil to make your placebos, that must make them work—it better. You injected work. That’s power. You intended that the placebo better goddamn do X. You made a tool—a pen, a table, a shoe. The thing serves its purpose after it is made. These tools are meant to do things: focus your self-concept and intentionality in a certain way, really. Set a personality in motion to get to work performing a task—and perhaps in this way tilting the luck plane towards you, since better choices will move towards opportunities. Your choices make your world-lines.

You are intending yourself into a new state. The practice in the Goetia is a ceremony-style procedure of isolating sub-faculties or automaticities of yourself, naming them, addressing them in the second person, and telling them: You will now stop pushing me around and instead help me get to goal X. Not bad, this idea of talking to yourself. We do it anyway, this is just a structured way.

As for high magick—the kind that seems to simply cause desired events to happen or which lead to synchronicity feedback—this is solved as follows. No, the spell does not change matter outside your body. What happens out there is what was going to happen. It is determined by physical law—atoms have their own set way of changing. High magick works, rather, by steering your wanting towards what is already going to happen. It makes you want “successes” that are coming anyway. It moves you to want them and then meet them. It steers you towards their arrival.