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Featuring — Black Infinity Tech

You are in space. You are in black empty space. Turn out the Sun. Kill all Earth lights. Look up—all that is one. Delete the Earth underneath you. Black infinity extends below you and above you. Black infinity surrounds you unimpeded for ever. All of time is in one boundless space. Black infinity is the bed in which you are really resting right now. And your locality—your tininess in space—is also space. Black infinity permeates you. But you do not feel it because of local lights and barriers. Black infinity is occluded, and we feel only what we can see. But you know that the Earth and the walls or buildings or mountains that block your infinite line of sight are veils. Behind everything is more space.

And what of the innerness of self? This too is space—the space of the passed. Your past is the real referent of “within me.” And this was nothing but infinite space. No wonder our inner self feels so vast—the form of imagination is infinite space. The space of the past is the innerness of the self. Every moment is a black infinity, and deep inside is a stack of infinity, many years long.

Black Infinity Tech

  1. Look up at the night sky. Your line of sight apprehends black infinity.
  2. Get that this infinity is also beneath and behind you.
  3. Get that this infinity is also within you as form of your imagination. Space is never not present to consciousness.
  4. Get that your body is a knot in the real fabric of black space.
  5. All things are knots in one black space. Light is also a perturbation in black space. Substance is black space. Deep self is black space. “I am” is black space.


Occlusion and light reduce the volume of attention to a very small space around the body—a cave, a room, a bathroom, even a city block—the buildings bounding a sidewalk. And there arises a sense of opposition between body, taken as vulnerable self, and the local environment, taken as both threat and begrudging holder of goods.

Even language expresses this. The universal form of grammar is: This (S) is P—as in This apple is sweet. It is an act that combines two grunts—this and some internal rule that lets me produce images by shared essences that I know by comparison and abstraction. So This is P is really Body contains internal shared essence I have which makes images-by-kind.

The ultimate truth of black infinity, expressed as a judgment, reads:

Black infinity black infinities black infinity.

Note that asserting this judgment solves all the problems of philosophy.