Rage is right

It occurred to me—The cognitive component of the feeling of rage is being right. If you expressed yourself verbally while angry at the person you wanted to hurt, your sentence would be a species of the rage cognition, I am right!

The Rage Cognition
There is an assertive, or world-making, component of the act of rage. When expressing rage, there is a goal: to hurt the other. Concomitant with this act of hurting is also a saying. The essence of the Rage Cognition is I am right!

Actually, there is a mantra in place when rage is enacted. The mantra is:

The Rage Mantra
There is a wished-for reality that motivates the act of asserting the Rage Cognition. This is the Rage Mantra, whose substance is the limit at infinity:

  • I am right! I am right! I am right! ….