Radical transformation is ongoing but occult

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Every moment we are moving on a gradient. The unified overseer-voice “I” is, as a unit, moving along some voluntarist path—changing its attribute cluster this way rather than that. Each attribute is itself a gradient or cluster of gradients. The particularity of every quality is in flux.

Find a way of movement or change (and for Kant change is based on movement) and hitch a ride. That is, place your attention on the quality that is being recreated and experience directly—as the primordial hybrid entity sense/consciousness—this process of change, of process. Taste and see that change is full of death and, importantly, that it is possible.

Doing this will both encourage you to undertake transformation in your Being-Doing-Having, in “your life,” as they say and also give you a model to show you how it’s done.

So …

Let your overseer-voice die and learn about magick and change simply by identifying with its own internal undertakings that are ignored. Why?

Things that can be felt, are not. There must be some reason for this. At every moment, the contents of consciousness can be the myriad sense-consciousnesses. You can sink into a sensitivity towards sensation and appreciate the highly detailed impressionistic film that is always there, but ignored.

Nearly all of sense consciousness becomes rendered either as transparent or absent. We don’t look at sensations (although we can), we look through them. They are designed to lull us into intending them not as ends but as means, which means that we do not intend them at all. They are like glass—a mere medium. Even our emotions (like fear) appear to be facts that are in the air, due to the object.

Why? Originally: for the sake of predator detection. We take our internal transformations and ignore them in favor of things. And our emotional chemicals: not internal feelings, but powers in the fabric of the world.

Yoke awareness to state transition

How can you change when every impulse is already geared? Habits must win. Constituents on constituents act, and the overseer-voice “I” is just along for the ride. Any doing that counters actual doing is either difficult or impossible.

To overcome this fatalism, this lethargy, this presupposed impossibility of effort, practice a few successful acts of transformation by simply yoking your awareness onto already-occurring ones:

  1. Notice any ongoing transition in consciousness.
  2. Identify with it and see that dying and moving are actually and, therefore, possible.
  3. Newly encouraged, undergo the transitions necessary to take that new action you have been avoiding.