Performance formula

I know what’s missing in my life: Loving something publicly. Sharing my love of something with others by loving it with or around others.

I need to be out there in a way that raises my value due to actual production. There has got to be a better way to look good in public besides perma-smiling and cellphone-admiring.

Performance is just this: You face something you like, something that you think is beautiful, and then you make it and offer it to others. And the thing is objectively beautiful to the extent that people (most people or at least the ones you care about or identify with) enjoy perceiving it.

That’s it. We can write it as a formula:

Performance formula

  1. Face some object X that you love.
  2. Admit that [most] people [ought to] love X.
  3. Announce that you will make X. “Hey everyone. Here’s an X that you will enjoy perceiving. Please check it out.”
  4. Accept that people will turn towards you—some eager to perceive X, eager to see you fail, and others from boredom.
  5. Make X.
  6. More people will turn towards you. The positive feedback loop has begun.