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Past lives therapy in Scientology

Past lives therapy. What a joke. It’s another LRH move: take the little knowledge you have of something and make it the core of your entire system, and spread it on everything, no matter how inappropriate. Abreaction? Sure—let’s handle everything upsetting that’s ever happened to you in this life and all past ones.

Breuer invented the talking cure and Freud refined and re-theorized it. But Breuer lied, Anna O. was never cured, and Freud eventually discarded it. But it’s the only thing LRH was familiar with.

LRH knew nothing about psychology or psychoanalysis except what Snake Thompson told him and what he saw being practiced at the VA hospital. That’s like going to a mechanic’s garage, seeing a spark plug replacement, and then setting up your own shop where all you do is replace spark plugs—no matter what the actual vehicular ailment is.

And when you finish that job, you ask the customer to imagine replacing the spark plugs on all his past vehicles as well, even if this is his first car.

Abreaction plus reincarnation equals past lives therapy. If the soul is a continuous existent, has a psyche, and retains impressions—and if you believe in the efficacy of abreaction—then past-life auditing is the logical conclusion. Clearing the soul of merely this life’s traumas is only a partial clearing. To make the soul deeply or thoroughly clear, you would have to excavate the traumatic incidents of all past lives as well.

Past lives therapy: window into ideal self

That’s all background to what I wanted to say. What’s more interesting is the self-image that the preclear paints along the way. The bullshit abreaction is secondary to my interest, which is:

What would you have yourself be in an alternative reality?

The stories and descriptions that you collect along the way will provide a symptomatology of wish fulfillment. Undoubtedly, the preclear’s alternative biographies will reveal her preferred self-concept, a person who is more interesting, important, and (probably) heroic than the real estate agent she is in her current life.

I would like to propose the following Jungian-sociological interpretation of past-life self-reinvention. Consider the amazing fact that even heartless cynical Christian Republicans will paint themselves as heroes of class struggle in their past life “recollections.” This shows something amazing: Of all the ways that the political unconscious can motivate political action, the most efficient is a simple, flat-out reinvention of the self. Instead of theorizing all the tiny changes that would be required to set this actual history on a utopian path, just redefine the self as entirely other, inside an entirely different context, where it is a hero or savior of the underclass, and identify with it.

Leaping into another self-plus-reality

I say this because when [drummer guy] took DMT, he was suddenly—but actually, in the PKD way—transposed into an actual past-life. He was a prison guard, but one that helped the inmates escape. And the reality of this was as contiguous and vibrant as his experiencing shitting in the 7-11 men’s room two minutes ago. What made the memory REAL was not the vivacity of the impressions, but the coherence of the embedding timeline. He felt that his awareness had dipped down into a fully real but alternate biographical timeline. (I had one dream like this in my life, when I was about 12, and it was incredible. I had entered into a continuum where I was a father, husband, pilot, with lots of memories of incidents with my family, college friends, etc. I had a different personality, different childhood highlights, and so on. My memory inside the other timeline was full and everything hung together.)

And when he explained this I realized: That if I were a biologically based political unconscious (pro-social brain pathways) and I wanted to promote class struggle for the good of the just-as-real higher Third and Fourth Dynamics, I would do so efficiently. And what is more efficient than pure assumption? Instead of working, laboring, tweaking, and learning our way from social/productive system A to social/productive system B, I would merely leap into it. The change would not sprout and spread inside the old reality, but a whole new reality would be leaped-into all at once.

This is the Vajrayana path in Buddhism. Instead of journeying via gradual progress that begins with this fucked-up self-cum-reality and all its metaphysics and presuppositions, you just plop yourself down at the End. You just rub your eyes and realize that the other shore is this shore, and it has been all along. Liberation comes as a sudden act of reality-constructing assertion by means of total reality replacement.

And assertion DOES construct reality … up to the horizon of the empirical, mathematical, and logical.

The quickest path to Happy Zone Omega is the assertive path—i.e., saying:

This is Happy Zone Omega.

This is the method of Vajarana, aka Trantric Buddhism. You don’t work your way out of the matrix that stems from Mistaking the Five as One. You leap there through an act of assumption. So Vajrayana practitioners are warned—the path is weird. You will become fully enlightened in 3 years, 3 month, and 3 days you will go clinically insane.

Vajrayana Tech

You are familiar with how much you believe The Story, which means your interpretation of experience insofar as it goes beyond sensation, physics, math, and logic. You treat your projections as if they were in the object. Now, the method of Vajrayana is to intend your ideal reality with as much whole-hearted belief and supposition as you intend The Story that you have slowly built up over time by means of consensus and repetition. Let yourself be totally bewitched by your ideal reality, just as you are with the automatic default interpretations right were you are sitting now.