Jesse’s Somatic Tech

Jesse just complained to me about his ISMs (involuntary spacetime meltdowns). These are involuntary mystical experiences that he sometimes has. The meltdown follows from a breathing exercise that he’s been practicing since he was 13. It goes like this:

  1. He breathes in and applies pressure from the bottom of his lungs.
  2. Doing this pinches a nerve that is both somatic and perceptual-cognitive.
  3. Then everything falls apart.

Now it is time to mention: there is such a thing as Somatic Tech.

There are ways of state-change that are just dumbly and mechanically physiological. You breathe a certain way, and you get certain effects. Oxygen toxicity, for example, called prana by Neo-Yogis, affects mood and attitude.

Let’s not leave these out of our tech. They’re not smart, not fancy, but they are reliable state-changers.