Intentionally contrive your action in line with a rule

Featuring — Be an Actor Tech

Pretend you are acting. That is to say, act intentionally. Contrive your action.

Don’t worry—the character that you present to others, being reactive and self-conscious, has always been a fabrication.

Moreover, what is the “true” or “authentic” “self” anyway? When we say this we really mean most comfortable at the moment. Being authentic means, usually, sustaining current pleasant sensations.

Try acting in line with a type or other kind of rule (say, a commitment). Act in line with this idea, rather than in reaction to what’s happening somatically.

Just because a self is comfortable or automatic does not mean it is real. That is to confuse habit with reality. Your habitual way of acting has neither a higher grade of reality nor a higher grade of value.

This is the essence of so much other Tech that it probably seems cliche. But it’s worth invoking at every moment.

Realize that every action is acted. When you act, do so intentionally. Invent a character, and play it. Don’t invent one, and be played by habit.

Doing this—acting intentionally—puts you one step removed from your acting, positions you one action layer away from “the world.” It adds a buffer that makes living into a game.

When you play a game, you do not act immediately, but you act your action. There is an act of technical manipulation that precedes the real thought, emotion, speech, or action.

This notion of being one step removed is really well-presented in this video:

Nothing is more powerful.

So it’s time to reintroduce acting Tech.

Be an Actor Tech

Choose a character and express it intentionally. Like you are acting, and trying to act well. Like you have been trained in acting. Be this other character. Pretend that everyone around you is acting as well.