How to disarm future triggerability

Featuring — Lay Down a New Somatic Tech

Lay down a new somatic

  1. Find someone who cares about you and will listen. Sit facing each other in a quiet and soothing environment.
  2. Be with the various clouds of pain that surround you. Let them rape your imagination.
  3. Now breathe with your abdomen and mellow out.
  4. Tell your friend how you are feeling.
  5. Understand that this will “lay down” a new “somatic track” alongside that old “perceptic track” of pain-irrelevant sense-data (such as colors and sounds). By doing this, you tie new feelings to the old images so that your future daydreams about your darkness will now have a new value. That is, the What Happened ceases to be a reaction-provoking counter-survival drama and instead become a soil-dace for a new possibility (in the strong Landmark sense).