How to be completely relaxed while fully exposed

Featuring — Downward Coin-Stack Tech

The secret to attractive public appearance:

  1. Intuit directly and with certainty that your being is downwardly settled.
  2. Feel that your being is so relaxed that you are just self-supporting, like a stack of coins. You are upright, but internally leaning back on a trusty boulder. In fact, your core being is so completely relaxed that you only have good will towards others, even your so-called enemies. They are all matrix-made, after all.
  3. Exude the pleasure not merely of feeling good, but of being equanimous (cool, in the Buddha’s sense) in the face of somatic pain now and later. You digest all unpleasant sensations now and you know that you will digest all coming unpleasant sensations as well. This surety gives you a certain ultra-tranquil vibe. To illustrate: you would expect to see the same look from a Christian who really believed she was saved. It is a look that says, “Ha ha! You can kill me if you like! None of this matrix shit matters!

When you do this, you will feel for the first time that you are surfing ontologically. It is a strange and profound experience. You will see that you are falling forward—that is, your awareness will now be moving in tandem with your falling forward. You will see that you are always choosing your falling through time, and that this falling is now resistance-less. You will infer (rightly) that the geometry of the universe is an abstraction from the sensation-content of bodily counter-pressure, rigid pushing-back by massive objects in physical space.

Do Vipassana as you expose yourself in public. Not pants-down exposure, but standing in the midst of a crowd of sexed-up onlookers who are all being driven in every little way to look good and find a partner. Even celibates do this. Being exposed in this midst of an ocean where that deep drive has spread like mycelia and created a whole culture—like Whole Foods—is a great drill.

Downward coin-stack Tech

Find a crowded part of Whole Foods where everyone is either smiling and chatting or smiling and texting. Stand there like you would at 2:00 AM in your kitchen. Do not pose or try to look good. Feel your body scream and tug at you to pose. Resist by settling down into your core like a self-standing stack of coins. Smile at your chest anxiety and practice noting.

Yes—stand in the LBRP’s hexagrammic Column of Light and Note your sensations right as they arise. You are now moving in tandem with your falling, choosing your falling through time, now resistance less.