Every appearance is performance for others

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You can set your state by being socially defined. 99% of our being is determined by social recognition and agreement. This is a fact. But what if you’re not in a programmed environment? How will the others recognize you?

You change state through social definition, you must make a public display of being X. And any effective public display must include display of fearlessness.

Changing state requires social recognition, social recognition requires public performance, performance requires courage. Recent research, which turned out to be bogus, bears this out. Studies show that posture connotes value and power:

Channel your favorite superheroine and take what Cuddy calls “The Wonder Woman,” a classic crime-fighting pose. Tilt your chin up to maximize the power trip. This position has the opposite effect of touching your neck, which suggests anxiety or lack of control and is considered the lowest power pose of all.

You must perform, or self-expose, to flourish. Your station in life just is your being-for other people.

Everyone is a musician-writer-painter privately. The difference is fear. You cannot know what the reality-makers will do to you.

Performance Tech

Risk. Take risk. The thing at risk, pride, isn’t worth losing your life over.