A trick to make duty the guilty pleasure

When you don’t want to do something, your body rebels, it seems. What really happens is that your Voice says,

Do it, asshole!

And your body says,

Fuck you! Fuck off!


And herein lies the solution to the problem. It is the body that screams its will to negate. It is the body that burns with hate for the pending non-procrastinative effort that threatens its homeostatic peace. It is your body that becomes as a bag of furious infants, squirming with aversion and hate. The energies of the body upwell and coalesce into an almost unified intentionality—an intentionality that seeks to attack and address an Other. This is a purely somatic intentionality, one that is independent of—and antagonistic towards—the power that provokes it. This power, which Julian Jaynes calls The Voice, is the apparently aloof and agentive pilot that sometimes intervenes in the tyranny of the somatic babies.

In short, when you do not want to do what you ought, it is your body that screams. But it has no voice. Meanwhile, The Voice is a functionary of reason and wishes to convince the babies to do the right thing to benefit the babies.

The key moment is this: the morass of the babies’ aversive energies upwells and coalesces and almost achieves a voice of its own, like the pseudo-unity of

But your Voice? It is the victim of your object-demanding intentionality. The Voice ends up being the body’s hate-target.

Your body screams, but your Voice does not. It is, in fact, in the enemy position. It is the structural enemy, and arises as the binary opposite of relief from pain and fear. The enemy is not nature, but a second person giving you a command that hurts. Your Voice is Angry Father who commands you with that absolute and illegitimate parent power that causes the primordial resentment towards God that is sin. This is strong stuff.

So next time, do this. Get in your angry Voice and say,

I’m not going to do it! Fuck you! Ha ha—nope. I’m my own master. Eat shit and die, evil dog.

Then your body will rebel against this command and you’ll feel giddy teen pleasure in doing the damned dreaded deed. In fact, Angry Father feels great. There is real catharsis. And here’s a real bonus. The rebellion energy, which is a chemical secretion, lingers. And the new rebellion of doing the deed can use this lingering rebellion energy as its own internal inertia—a surplus which finds its way out through limb movement (i.e., the deed).

Here’s the drill:

Voice–Soma Reversal Tech

When you cannot stand doing something, it is your body that aches with animosity and aversion. Your Voice, however, is acting as foreman, which your body sees as the primary antagonist. Put the body’s animosity in the Voice and the body will naturally do the task, feeling it to be an act of rebellion.