Your house is on fire

Your house is on fire with the concern produced by meiosis. Meiosis is the spring of all our world-making concern, no matter how sublimated (or even inverted) this motivation may be.

The compulsive, perpetual making of half-selves is the very occult doing that drives the person and the personality. Meiosis is the fire of human concern, even in the executive center of the “I.” It is the essential provisional activity, and if biological sentence is anything, it is provisional.

Sex is so fulfilling because it is the culmination of the perpetually running meiosis lab at the heart of the robot. Perpetual meiosis is the dark secret that motivates and coordinates all the other systems in the robot. It holds the promise of immortality, which is biological salvation.

To say that love is the law is just to say that the Final Cause or Prime Mover has fusion, rather than separation, as its final goal.

In sex you are finally home. In sex you are finally at peace. It is in sex that biology gives the greatest reward, because in that moment immortality itself moves you. In that moment the lowly meiosis lab is finally at the helm in the executive center rather than merely under the hood. It waves your body like a flag, like a rope, like a whip—and you are glad for it.

Always remember biologic. You are not other than physics—physics yoked into the service of self-perpetuating homeostasis. This is the properly scientific exposition of Saṃsāra. The round of craving and action is really driven by the logic of survival—fear of death and love of sex.