Your house is on fire

Meiosis is deepest spiritual trauma.


The compulsive, perpetual making of half-selves is you. That is the movement of everything, at the particular location of your body. The universe makes negentropic islands that dream of Immortality.

Fulfilling sex, a.k.a. love, is existence and self.

To say that love is the law is just to say that the Final Cause or Prime Mover has fusion, rather than separation, as its final goal.

In sex you are finally home. In sex you are finally at peace. Because immortality itself moves you.

It waves your body like a flag, like a rope, like a whip.

Always remember biologic. You are not other than physics—physics yoked into the service of self-perpetuating homeostasis. That is the proper view of Saṃsāra.