Diana's Tree: life in the kingdom of minerals

As alive as a tree … or so one would think.

As alive as a tree … or so one would think.

Diana's Tree (Latin: Arbor Diana or Dianae), also known as the Philosopher's Tree (Arbor Philosophorum), was considered a precursor to the Philosopher’s Stone and resembled coral in regards to its structure. It is a dendritic amalgam of crystallized silver, obtained from mercury in a solution of silver nitrate; so-called by the alchemists, among whom "Diana" stood for silver. The arborescence of this amalgam, which even included fruit-like forms on its branches, led pre-modern chemical philosophers to theorize the existence of life in the kingdom of minerals.

And today? Today we should do the same as those famously cheesy and soft-headed alchemists, only reverse the polarity. Instead of injecting the vitalistic soul of plants and animals into rocks, we should inject the heteronomous deathiness of matter into the heart of our souls, our transparent, airy interiors, so open and clear. Away with that fantasy! Our interiors are meat churnings and throbbings, whose action and form is determined by mechanical churnings going on at a depth below liquids and gasses, at a place of magnetic pull and push and spinnings and void. We cannot skip from void to void and bypass the molecules, organelles, and the other incomprehensibly massive structures that are more and comprehensive until you reach a size whose overall forms remain remarkably intact—the organs. While the smaller you get, the more things change form and relation and get pushed away, secreted, or replaced. Imagine if you split in to daughter selves every few minutes. But here, where we are, at the outermost envelope of the bodily

boundary with much lower density (skin towards air)

meaOur being, too, it just so happens that certain types of movement reproduce the machines that produce the kind of movements that, when combined, reproduce the machines that produce those kind of movements.

Our atoms have no choice. Our molecules do not choose.

How would self enter!? As a point, or as a field? If dualism is true, so that the power that pushed material movement has some leeway and reflects on its desires and chooses accordingly—If that thing exists, then: how does it steer the atoms so that changes occur in conformity with its will? Shall we say that this power to push and steer reigns over the volume of the body? Is there some place internal that “I” cannot move? Well, yes for many intra-movements, the exception

recognize that our bodies are sleeping slaves of law just as much as the dead sleeping matter of rocks.