Drugs (placeboic)

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Tips for upping your placebo savvy

The promised effect may be in the name. Or it may be in the subtitle/description. Some tips for finding an effective placebo when shopping:

  1. Look for bullshit that includes the promised effects in the product’s name.
  2. Look for bullet lists of multiple vague effects.
  3. Look for the phrase “These Claims Have Not Been Evaluated by the FDA” in super tiny print on the label. Products displaying this disclaimer are placebos.
Contemporary placebos: a sample set
acupuncture • alternative medicine • applied kinesiology • aromatherapy • Ayurvedic medicine • bioelectromagnetic therapy • biofield therapy • chelation therapy • Chinese medicine (traditional) • chiropractic • colloidal silver • colonic enemas • color therapy • cranial osteopathy • crystal healing • detoxifying regimens • earthing therapy (grounding mats) • essential oils • faith healing • fasting • hair analysis • herbalism • alkaline water • hexagonal water • holistic therapy (suggestion reliance) • homeopathy • hydrotherapy • iridology • juice fasts • live blood analysis • naturopathy (treatment avoidance) • osteopathic manipulative medicine • ozone therapy • physical medicine • psychotherapy • reflexology • Reiki • Rolfing • sauna therapy (Bikram, Scientology’s Purif) • shamanic therapy

Instructions for use: Go into an uncritical trance-like acceptance state. Read the ad-copy like scripture. Imbibe it. Let it work into your volitional fabric. Let you cells hear the good news. Then, take the brandy-water-cellulose and the ghost it carries. Let it fill you.


Mucuna pruriens