Q: If my self were a substance, what would it be?

It is of the substances that every one of you has in mind that I will speak in Project: Psycho. Together we will analyze the works of the great Western shamans and confidence men with an eye to the history, technique, and hidden aspects of their work—in order to discover all that is required to grok their model and take their placebo.

It is a way of coming to understand the sensibility and personality of the creator and the tastes, inclinations, and symbolisms of the age. The task of Project: Psycho will therefore be to uncover, together with you, these meanings, to resurrect them from oblivion or to decipher them if they are not immediately perceivable.

Project: Psycho will become your personal collection. From every metaphor that we analyze you will discover aspects you had ignored but which now complete the system to make your default self-concept a masterpiece.