Awareness of natural breath

You have started your work observing respiration: the incoming breath, the outgoing breath, as it comes in naturally, as it goes out naturally. This is not a breathing exercise. You are not supposed to control your breath, not supposed to regulate your breath. This is not the practice of what is called pranayama where it is necessary to regulate the breath. Different techniques have different peculiarities, specialities. We are not here to condemn other techniques, but while you are here give a fair trial to this technique. You are here to give full justice to this technique. You must understand the speciality of this technique, the peculiarity of this technique, and adhere to this peculiarity and work exactly as this technique wants you to work.

Don’t try to regulate your breath, natural breath. If it is deep, you are aware, it is deep. If it is shallow, you are aware, it is shallow. If it passes through the left nostril, you are aware: It is passing through the left nostril. If it passes through the right nostril, you are just aware: It is passing through the right nostril. If it is passing through both the nostrils simultaneously, you are just aware: Passing through both the nostrils simultaneously. And so on.

Don’t interfere with the natural flow of the breath. Let nature play its own role. And your role is: just observe. Just observe the reality as it is, not as you would like it to be, but as it is. This is the speciality of this technique. You start by observing the breath as it is: pure breath, bare breath, nothing else but breath.