The three components of an Imagemap

A HTML imagemap is composed of three parts:

  1. Mapmaker container—The <area> information for the <map> element comes from the position and size of the Mapmaker’s children. This information is calculated from the size and position of a special adornment named origin_adorn. All clickable notes in your HTML imagemap must be inside this adornment. (And there should only be one adornment with this name per Mapmaker.)
  2. Imagemap JPG—The JPG of this Map View that you grab with Copy View as Image and then save inside your img/IMAGEMAPS folder. We can call this the Imagemap JPG.
  3. Imagemap Exporter—Finally, there is the note whose exported webpage displays the imagemap. We can call this note the Imagemap Exporter. Any note can be an Imagemap Exporter. Just assign the name of (1) to $blogMapView and the name of (2) to $blogMapImage.

Also if you want to use the MapMaker•OutMap stamp to work, you will have to supply the name of the Source Container—where your the original notes are stored.

There is an export option related to HTML Imagemaps: WIDEMAP.