Trump after life inside the Nordic Model

Also: Kubrick prefigured Trump in The Shining

The secret of human production is out in the Nordic Model countries—and it makes the biggest and most shocking cultural difference.

In Scandinavia, the working class (WC) knows that it is the WC and the ruling class (RC) acknowledges that it is t...

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A Darwinian defense of Kantian ethics in 233 words

Someone who rejects your friendship when you are being both kind and sincere—that one has core wrongness. Hating someone because they cause something you hate—that is instinct. It is a mechanism of behavior modification that has been selected for. If some cells really do irritate large numbers of others, their ang...

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Radical placebo policy idea

We now know that placebos work on even the most peripheral cellular systems, ones that are way outside the purview of the sensory or voluntary nervous system, even when the language-grasping organ of the organism it told, “… Oh, by the way, this is just a placebo.” (Click here for the p...

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Theory, Formalism, and PSR

There cannot be a final theory in principle. We have the (local) universe. Explanation? Explaining the universe means, first, assuming the existence of some transcendent field that contains it. For example, the (local) universe is just a bubble inside the Multiverse, which is a churning vastness that births universes like...

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Dualism: an indefeasible formulation

I: Ought and awareness

You cannot fear reality if you are doing the right thing. That’s it! That is the Alpha and Omega of all ethics. Doing the right thing—but whence this right?

Cognitive choice, applying epistemic rules to Dasein, has ontological effects at the...

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Vipassana for philosophers

Vipassana. We begin with breath. Because everyone says it? Because we are an idiot yoga studio “yoga” instructor? Because racecar?

No—because it is self-action that happens by physical necessity after all contingent (fiat) action has been switched off.

We begin with breath. Gay?

No—profound. And here is why.

The method and pri...

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Numbers worth caring about

… in one convenient place

It may be the case that myths, especially good geometry-based ones, express Real Truth. Relations of quantity, meanwhile, are surely really out there. Mathematical knowledge about things is real—two apples and two apples really does make four apples out there. Facts of magnitude are golden—thoroughly grasped by the subject, and rea...

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When snowflake cops murder

Warning: Ultra-disturbing video below

The video below shows a naked white man crying and quivering while crawling on his knees. He is in a hotel hallway and a cop is screaming at him with an urgency that makes no sense and portends that cop bloodlust will soon be slaked. The victim is Daniel Shaver,...

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When is murder fun?

Warning: Ultra-disturbing video below

When I was 11, I got a BB gun for Christmas. Along with a Panasonic Platinum ghetto blaster, a Queen The Game cassette, and a Blondie Autoamerican cassette.

A BB gun.

When you have a gun, you want to shoot something. For those of you who have never shot anything,...

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The NT Devil

What is “the devil?” Wikipedia can’t help, because its NT section just identifies each original character with every other, so Devil = Satan = Serpent = Lucifer and so on. No, substitution here is appropriate only for the indoctrinated. By equating all these unique characters, the result (and intention) is to hy...

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