“Nirvana is samsara”

An offensive and facile assertion

I’ve always found this facile assertion obnoxious. Everyone says it, but do they really experience it? The two terms are worlds apart. Just mushing them together in a proposition does not integrate them. Anyone can say square circle, but no one can make it present.

Moreover, telling someone that “Nirvana is ...

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How Trump redefined “elite”

Poor white Republicans (PWRs) hate rich smart people because they are rich, and resent them because they are smart. Trump hates rich smart people because they are smart, and likes them because they are rich. Trump and his dupes appear to have something in common.

Trump is popular because he...

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“Always meditate”

An offputting cliché

Another cliché I hate is, “Always meditate.” As in—

Remember yogis, meditate throughout the day in your daily activities!

The problem: How the fuck is this any different from—

Be self-conscious in parallel with your absorbed or “first order” consciousness. You do X and in parallel be aware, “I am doing X.”


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Buddha-nature vs divine omnipresence

They are shockingly different

All this time I’ve figured that Buddha-nature is on a par with boring assumptions that pantheism or panentheism, where you “just might as well posit” the omnipresence of “God,” whatever that would mean. If God is the Urgrund (and I think this is how every theology debugs the favorite local creator-g...

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Black Infinity Tech

Real situation

You are in space. You are in black empty space. Turn out the Sun. Kill all Earth lights. Look up—all that is one. Delete the Earth underneath you. Black infinity extends below you and above you. Black infinity surrounds you unimpeded for ever. All of time is in one boundless s...

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Being embodied is literally the stuff of nightmares.

Being embodied is the premiere condition for the possibility of nightmare. Fear, pushing action, in its own direction, regardless of your plans. Fear sees danger whether that danger is real or imagined. We are keyed-up and looking for danger. We are, by...

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Chakra Tech

Everyone talks about chakras. Every Whole Foods shopper knows the word. In fact about half of UT freshmen women know their positions and their associated colors. This is because commodities can be illustrated and colored and associated with chakras. There are blue yoga mats to increase your intelligence, for example....

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Ethical Action Tech

If your outwards motivation is love and Vipassana, you cannot help but succeed. This is none other, BTW, than the canonical two-step formulation of Tibetan Buddhism: Wisdom and Compassion. A synoptic combo like Jesus’ similar two-part Greatest Commandment:

Jesus version

  1.  Loving God means imbibing the commands of...
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